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3rd Qt - Progress Reports will be distributed on Monday 2/23/2015.
Business, Management and IT
Design, Education, Hospitality
Health, Public Service and Law
Visual and Performing Arts
Communication Arts, Film, and Digital Media
International Baccalaureate
Academy of Finance

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Graduation Countdown

Magnet Schools
Online game to end hunger

News & Announcements

2015 Cavalier Football Signing Day
4 Cavalier football players signed letters of intent to continue playing at the next level.
Word of the Week
Each week a chart will be posted highlighting 5 new vocabulary words the school will focus on for that week.
Congratulations to Marcos Balsera - Quest Bridge Scholar Recipient!
Programa de tutoría para estudiantes de inglés como segundo idioma
How will the End-of-Course Assessment results affect my final Grade
10 Business Academy students received Bloomberg Certification Today at FIU.
Congratulate, Mr. Reisert on the wonderful achievement, now we know who can manage our stock portfolio.
IB Bridge 4 Peace Jamiacan Cafeteria Project Completed!
General Obligation Bond Funds - CGHS
Renovations scheduled for Coral Gables Senior High
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